Five super simple tips to save on groceries

You are probably no stranger to this yourself: a huge chunk of your monthly budget is set aside for groceries. On average, a family of four spends about €650 a month on food and drinks. That is a lot of money!

Fortunately, you can save substantially by doing more conscious grocery shopping. We have five tips for you that will help you cut your grocery budget considerably.

Plan your meals. Plan your meals ahead of time for the upcoming week. It might sound a bit boring, but you will have to go to the store only once. Not only will this will be a time-saver, but you will also be less tempted to order in/take-out, which can save you a lot of money!

Doing groceries once a week. This tip goes hand in hand with the aforementioned tip. A trip to the grocery store once a week means that you will only be tempted once by things you do not really need. You usually end up taking things home that you did not mean to and doing this every day can rack up quite the bill.

Combining ingredients. Make the most of a product on sale by using it as much as possible. Boring? Not at all! For example, if tomatoes are on sale, you can make a delicious soup, a tasty pasta sauce and, of course, add them to your salad.

Try not to eat meat for a day. We are so used to eating meat or fish every day, but our body does not need it that often, and eating less of it will save a lot in terms of grocery expenses. As a bonus, you end up eating more vegetables!

Do not opt for convenience. Anything you buy at the grocery store that is either (mostly) prepared or makes the preparation easier costs extra. Cut your own chicken and make your own salad. Stop buying ready-to-eat foods. You will soon notice that it doesn’t make much of a difference timewise once you are used to it.

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