Impressive interior of this tiny 28 m2 house

This is one of the most beautiful tiny houses there is. This ultra luxury home is like a modern farm, and your jaw will drop at the interior. It’s just 28 square meters, but this house is so complete that you’ll have everything you need.

These days, it’s unbelievably hard to buy a house with a mortgage. You need plenty of savings, and even a small amount of debt will get you turned down. By buying a tiny house like this, you’ll save a lot of money every month. You can probably buy it with a small loan or mortgage, or maybe even without one, and you’ll also save on monthly insurance and energy costs!

The massive glass doors give the house a very modern twist. When you come inside, you enter a very light, spacious living room. There’s plenty of storage space and a solid walnut bench that can pull out into a spare bed.

A stairway leads up to the dining room and kitchen. Nothing’s been left out here! There’s a lovely dining table, and the kitchen is complete with a range, sink, refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets. The single bedroom is accessed by a removable ladder and features a king size bed. Everything exudes luxury and is beautifully finished.

The bathroom, complete with a floating sink, toilet, and spacious luxury shower, is at the end of the house.

The house has three skylights for even more natural light, as well as LED lighting behind the cladding throughout the house. These strips can be controlled individually, so you can create different types of ambience in the house.

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