The interior of this tree house will surprise you

This Tiny House makes your childhood dreams come true. Who didn’t want to live in a tree house? But this isn’t like the tree houses you used to build as a kid, this is a complete house with the most wonderful views of its surroundings. This tiny house has numerous advantages. For one, living in a unique house like this is quite special. You can also save a lot of money with the purchase of this house.

This house has been built by the occupants themselves, whereby they have been able to achieve this without a mortgage. This house is ideal for starters because starters often do not qualify for a loan. In addition, insurance costs are lower and just think, so are the utility bills! This house can be the investment of a lifetime.

On the ‘ground floor’, there is a terrace with a large dining table. The dining chairs have been made from tree trunks, which creates an exceptional atmosphere. By using a lot of light it looks really cozy.

Using the wooden staircase will lead you to the living area of the tree house. The living room is very spacious, and it feels anything but claustrophobic thanks to the use of a high and sloping ceiling. There are two other rooms up above. One is a bedroom, and the other is a library.

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