This Is The Reason That Grandma Continues To Live In Her Tiny House

No one could have predicted what Monica would make of her garden shed! Unfortunately, her daughter and five grandchildren had to sell their house because they could no longer afford the mortgage or their fixed costs such as insurance. On top of that, it is quite hard to have a job as a single mother while raising five children. Monica gave her daughter the keys to the house so they could live with her and pay the mortgage and monthly charges together. One day, Monica decided to turn her garden house into something wonderful.

Her daughter could not believe what she had turned her garden house into.

Step by step, Grandma Monica moved her inventory to her garden shed. Not even the neighbors were aware of her plans until the garden house suddenly looked like a miniature home. Monica even added the roof herself single-handedly. Living smaller has many benefits such as no mortgage costs.

The interior of this garden house is really impressive

This tiny house may seem small, but it looks much bigger than expected once you open the door. It has a large kitchen and dining area to have a nice meal or drink with the family. She fixed this shed up all by herself and turned it into her own house.

The house has a small living room containing a sofa and TV, as well as a stairway leading up to her bedroom. Unfortunately, the shed is too small to add a bathroom and toilet, but she can easily go back into the main house when necessary. Thanks to Grandma Monica, her daughter can now enjoy living with her family without worrying about high mortgage costs.

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