Nobody will expect what this train wagon looks like on the inside

Nowadays, this train is used as a tourist accommodation with a fantastic and beautiful interior. The interior has a modern look and it can house up to six people. Once you’re inside the wagon, you’ll forget it’s a train.

An entire family can spend their vacation here. The train wagon has a fully equipped kitchen, two bunk beds and a bedroom with a (gas) space heater and a double bed. They could even live here. All spaces have been carefully considered and designed to maximize comfort in such a small area.

Would you be able to live inside a train where you’ll save a lot of money on your mortgage?

The train wagon has been restored by Izaak Walton Inn, a hotel chain. The hotel manager noticed that the rooms were mostly booked by train enthusiasts and other tourists. That’s because the restored train is one-of-a-kind.

The interior of the locomotive makes it a truly luxurious home that you could potentially live in. Each railcar has a rustic interior with beautiful details. The walls are made of birch wood, which provides for a nice contrast with the wagon’s oak floors. They made sure to keep some of the old elements of the railcar during its restoration and children are still able to pretend to be a train driver in the compartment.

Because this train wagon has been such a success, the hotel chain has also restored other trains in the same way as the GN X215. This means more holiday destinations!

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