Retired couple bought old barn, and you’ll never believe what they found inside!

The barn turned out to be filled with hundreds of cars! BMW, Mercedes, Aston Martin, even old cars from before the war. The total value amounts to €26 million!

Yet there are doubts about the authenticity of the story. A story is going around that the barn belonged to a car dealer who kept his most exclusive cars inside. We don’t know what to believe, but the images are impressive in any case.

This kind of story, very unique in Europe, is something you see much more regularly in the USA. There, you can even find people who make a career out of visiting old storage boxes and warehouses in the hopes of finding bargains inside. Sometimes complete storage units are even sold, those belonging to people who have rented them for years and hoarded their various possessions inside. As soon as those people stop paying their monthly fees, the storage units are sold to the highest bidder. And sometimes, the buyers find a nice surprise inside!