These are the best paid jobs in the world

5. Pilot: Pilot training costs a lot of money. Often a student who wants to take pilot training has to make an investment of £100,000/£120,000. All pilot courses are private except for courses offered by the military. Because the investment is so high, a graduate pilot earns quite a lot. Pilots who fly on transatlantic flights have particularly good annual salaries. In addition, the airline pays accommodation, costs and food/drinks. As a pilot, you earn between £70,000 and £110,000 annually.

4. Minister: As a minister, you are responsible for a ministry. The minister determines the policy and acts as the person responsible for the ministry. The profession of minister is very difficult, you have a lot of responsibility and are in the spotlight a lot. Former ministers are often offered senior positions in the business world. A minister’s salary depends on the position he/she holds. For instance, the prime minister earns £140,000 annually. For the other posts, the minister’s salary is between £90,000/£140,000.

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